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5G-CASH(VGC) is a hybrid project with a growing vision to become a payment gateway for the community with no inflation keeping low transaction fees. It is also built on the basic protocol of Bitcoin and incorporates multiple improvements and additional technologies to make it perfectly transparent and anonymous at the same time, secure, economical, and efficient for all users. Our network is based on trust along with the features we provide being a hybrid network.

Name: 5G-CASH 
Ticker: VGC 
Type: PoW, PoSv3, Masternodes 
Algorithm: X16Rv2 
Block Time: 5 minutes 
Mined Block Maturity: 21 blocks 
Max Supply: 100,000,000 VGC 
Masternode Collateral: 50,000 VGC 
Block reward: 1.75 VGC 
Masternode reward: 45% 
(PoS) and (PoW) shared: 55%
P2P port: 22020 
RPC port: 22019 

Yes, you can actually use Tip.cc services, Vidulum bot and our compounding stake bot wallet. 

Join our —> Discord and register with the bot typing +r then you can claim faucet typing +faucet 

Download Whitepaper

Email: fiveg.cash@gmail.com

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